Non Surgical Nose Job Los Angeles

The non surgical nose job is a no downtime procedure that reshapes your nose and brings it into balance with the rest of your face. For the non-surgical nose job, Dr. Osman places Radiesse, a filling agent, into strategic areas of the nose to smooth bumps, dips, and irregularities. Results are instantaneous and long lasting.

The risks and uncertainties of surgical rhinoplasty (nose job) are avoided, and the most common side effects of the non surgical nose job are limited to minor localized swelling and possibly bruising. You can go back to work or social activities immediately. Recovery is fast. Many people wonder if their nose will look bigger after the non-surgical nose job because something is added to it rather than removed from it. In actuality, your nose will appear smaller after the non-surgical nose job because the bumps and dips are removed and no longer draw attention to them. Your nose will fit more naturally with the rest of your face.

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